Industrial Millwrighting & Maintenance - Vacuum Pump and Furnace Repair
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Specializing In: General Industrial Maintenance, Vacuum Furnace & Vacuum Pump Repair

Company Profile

Industrial Millwrighting and Maintenance was started to service the Canadian heat treating market to supply cost effective repair and parts solutions.

Specializing in vacuum furnace and vacuum pump repair as well as general industrial maintenance to any industry.

15 years experience in the vacuum furnace manufacturing industry. From manufacturing to on site installation worldwide. Equipment installed from North America to Indonesia.

Factory trained vacuum pump rebuilding. Specializing in Stokes pumps.

Stocking distributor for United Vacuum.

Services Offered by Facility Cleaning Services

A clean and orderly workspace is one of the factors that could help employees to increase their production rates. That is why companies such as the calgary facility services continue to provide a wide range of maintenance and cleaning services specifically catered to the needs of a specific work environment.

Facility services are not only confined to cleaning of the property, but even maintenance and installation of building upgrades that might be needed. They vary from janitorial services to building operations, landscaping, and even engineering. Do not fret, these companies do not only cater to big establishments but also with small facilities and business buildings that needs cleaning and maintenance. There are different types of service that can be taken into consideration the next time you might need an extra hand. Here are some of them:

  1. Cleaning services

This type of service is probably the most popular and most sought after service. Big companies tend to outsource their janitorial services instead of creating a branch that will handle cleaning and maintenance itself. This is because an outsource company is easier to manage than hiring an entire workforce that first needs to be trained in their respective roles. Companies save more time by simply giving the task of cleaning to the trained janitors of a facility services company.

  1. Maintenance operations

The bigger the building of a certain establishment is, the more complex the utilities of pipes and other structural members can be found. Maintenance operations is a service that is focused on the conservation of the building. Aside from conservation, upgrades can also be performed by the facility service provider as agreed upon by both parties. The lifespan of a building depends a lot on how it is taken care of, especially the pipes running along the walls. To hinder deterioration and prolong the structural integrity of the building, maintenance services will basically provide and apply solutions to fix problems that might arise from normal building operations.

  1. Landscape services

Landscape services are usually offered by contractors, but little do people know that this is also a service available with facility services providers. This is a practice that usually sounds a bit easy, but in all honesty landscaping or creating an arrangement of vegetation and other elements such as pavement is a big task. An experienced service provider is sure to provide ways in how open spaces can be maximized and at the same time not cost too much.

  1. Engineering and technical support

A facility services company can also provide engineering services. Utilities such as fire sprinklers, electrical wirings, and communication wirings are the most useful items of an office as it allows communication and protection, but also the most sensitive part of a workplace. There is an imperative need for buildings to constantly upgrade and keep these systems secure because it is an investment to a successful company.

The key to a happy employee that will boost productivity is keeping the working environment conducive. An office building or any establishment must always make maintenance and cleanliness top priority because it serves as the shell of any business. Try investing on a service being offered by companies today, you might be surprised by the efficacy of having them as part of the team of maintenance providers.